A wide range of technical services I provide.


Looking to bring your business online to attract more customers then this service can help you out. I use modern technologies and various libraries and frameworks to build websites. I keep the interface clean and elegant to achieve the best result. I prefer building websites from scratch. I also make sure that the website is responsive and can be viewed on any devices without any trouble.

Web Application Development

I also develop Web Applications using PHP and MySQL databases. I code all the programming logic defined and design databases and build them from scratch to meet the project requirements. I make sure that all the modules are working properly. I also make use of third party solutions when it makes sense. This saves development time and money from your budget on overall development costs.


For those who are sellers and want to bring their business online and manage customers more efficiently. I make fullproof E-Commerce Website that will help you to manage your products as well as your customers. Payment Gateways can also be integrated which accepts all kinds of Credit / Debit Cards, Wallets and other Net Banking options. To ensure that the transaction is safe and secure I also provide SSL (Security Socket Layer).

Dynamic Website

If you want to bring frequent updates to your website by adding new elements (Products, Photos, Blog Posts, etc) then Dynamic Website is what you're exactly looking for. You will be provided with an Admin Panel from where you can bring changes to your main website and keet it up to date. Admin Panel will be simple and easy to avoid complications.

Web Elements

Already have an existing website but want to add additional components like Login System, Tables, Forms, Chatbots, New Page, Image Gallery, Sliders and many more then you may choose this service. This service is not valid for websites built using Wordpress, Wix, Weebly.

Database Designing

I can also assist in designing databases by oraganising data according to the database model. Determining what data must be stored and the interrelation among them. Database design involves classifying data and identifying interrelationships.